Kiev Major Qualifiers to feature region locking

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[hkes_show_google_ad] FACEIT’s Milos Nedeljkovic has revealed several rule changes that are being implemented for the upcoming Kiev Major Open Qualifiers, including one that prevents teams from playing outside of their home regions. During The Boston Major American Qualifier, two European teams, Prodota Gaming and Elements Pro Gaming, advanced through the two Open Qualifiers despite not playing or being based out of NA. Though both teams failed to advance through to The Boston Major, the new rule prevents this situation from happening again. Milos later clarified to theScore esports that the 3/5 rule will not prevent teams who are physically based in a region but have a majority of foreign players from competing in that region’s qualifiers. “Rule for the open qualifiers is that if a team is physically located in a region, they are allowed to play there,” Nedeljkovic told theScore esports. For the South American Qualifier, eight teams (four per qualifier) will advance through the Open Qualifiers to compete at the main event as opposed to the two teams which advance through other regions. The Kiev Major Open Qualifiers are set to begin on March 6, with details on the qualifiers, including invites for the Closed Qualifiers, yet to be announced. [hkes_show_google_ad]

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