LCK Week 4 Day 1 roundup

LoL: LCK Week 4 Day 1 round up


Today’s LCK matchup featured games between CJ Entus against Longzhu and e-mFire against KT Rolster.

Flame faced off against his old organization, but was unable to leave the studio with a series win, allowing CJ Entus to grab the win and be tied on points with Longzhu in the league table.

Meanwhile, e-mFire tried to improve on last week’s good performance against SKT T1, but were resoundingly demolished by KT in the first game. They had a closer game in the second map, but were unable to get the win to tie the series.

Check out the exact scores below!

CJ Entus 2 – 1 Longzhu

kT Rolster 2 – 0 e-mFire