LGD Roster shuffles

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LGD Gaming have signed former Team WE substitute AD carry Chen “sukiM” Zhiyuan and Korean jungler Park “Croc” Jonghoon, according to an announcement on the team’s weibo. They’ve also moved substitute mid laner Li “Punished” Yuan-Hui to the top lane. Additionally, the team released their full roster for the upcoming 2017 season which includes: AD carry Gu “imp” Seung-bin, mid laner Wei “We1less” Zhen, support and captain Chen “Pyl” Bo, top laner Lim “Jinoo” Jin-woo, and junglers Tang “1ntruder” Sheng and Xie “Eimy” Dan. LGD came in fifth in Group B of the 2016 LPL summer season with a 7-9 record, forcing them to defend their slot in the 2017 Spring Promotion. LGD ultimately defeated Newbee 3-1 to secure their return to the LPL for 2017.

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