LoL player origins from all five major regions

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[hkes_show_google_ad] With five major regions, the NA LCS, EU LCS, LPL, LMS and LCK, in addition to the Wildcard territories, League of Legends has spread across the world. However, how international are those five major leagues? According to this infographic theScore esports put together based on rosters from lol.esportswikis, while the LCK, LMS and LPL are largely homogeneous, the NA LCS and EU LCS are very international. The EU LCS is the most diverse with players from 18 countries, but the NA LCS has more than half as many Korean players as it does North American ones with 15 Korean players against 20 Americans and six Canadians. Interestingly, the LMS has only one import, Canadian-Hong Kong dual-national Anson “Empt2” Leung, while the LCK is the only major region without a single import. In total, Korean’s make up more than a third of the five major regions with 100 players across the leagues against 187 players of other nationalities [hkes_show_google_ad]

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