Luminosity & Tempo Storm advance in DH Austin

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CSGO: Luminosity & Tempo Storm advance in DH Austin Luminosity and Tempo Storm continue their advance to domination in North America by making it early into the DreamHack ZOWIE Open Austin semifinals following respective wins over Cloud9 (16-3 on Mirage) and Liquid (16-10 on Cobblestone). Four teams advanced to the best-of-one winners’ matches at DreamHack Austin following respective wins in their groups: Luminosity, Tempo Storm, Cloud9, and Liquid. The Group A winners’ match kicked off on Mirage as the Alec “Slemmy” White-led Cloud9 tried to continue a new-found wave of momentum following a shutdown victory over CLG earlier. Unfortunately, Luminosity, the second best team in the world, had other plans and quickly pulled off a 15-0 CT half on the map. Despite Cloud9 winning their CT pistolround on the second half, all it took was a single gunround from Luminosity, which happened to be the first one, and the Brazilian team advanced to the playoffs early with a 16-3 victory. Liquid went into the second winners’ match and tried to give the hometown American crowd more to cheer about compared to the previous game as they faced off against Tempo Storm on Cobblestone. Careful defense by the American team gave them the CT pistolround as Spencer “Hiko” Martin was able to close out a one-versus-two, but a standard “no respect” aggressive Tec-9 buy from Tempo quickly broke down Liquid’s economy and equalised the game. Off the back of this round win, Tempo Storm surged ahead and it was only a 3K from Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski to bring the score to 6-2 for Tempo Storm that gave Liquid some space in the game but, following two accrued rounds, Tempo continued to power forward to a 11-4 half. With Lucas “lucas” Teles far in the front for his team in terms of impact, the twin brother of Henrique “hen1” Teles was able to get three USP kills and give Tempo Storm the second pistolround of the game, moving the score to 12-4. However, Liquid paid Tempo Storm back in kind for their second round Tec-9 buy with a similar Tec-9 buy that paid off and gave Eric “adreN” Hoag & co. some breathing room. Liquid were ultimately able to get as close as ten rounds in before the Brazilian side buckled down and closed out the game, 16-10. The second day of DreamHack Austin will be devoted to four best-of-three games, two elimination matches and two decider matches, to determine the other two teams who will advance to the playoffs, i.e. the semifinals.   [Source: hltv]

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