Misfits’ PowerOfEvil: ‘We just utilize me way better in Misfits than [they] did in Origen’

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Misfits’ Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage took to the post-game interview after a 2-0 victory over Fnatic to discuss the improvements Misfits have made over his former teams.”I think we just utilize me way better in Misfits than we did in Origen,” he stated. “I think that everyone comes along way better, I think the environment is really good, the atmosphere is incredibly good. Every teammate enjoys playing with each other.” The interview also touched on the game itself and the improvements that PowerOfEvil is seeing in his new team. “Last week, we improved upon vision, we were looking at when I should move towards mid lane to give up vision, when should I give up the top lane waves, the side lane waves just to prioritize the vision more correctly,” he said. “We didn’t give them a chance to engage most of the time.”
PowerOfEvil played Corki in both games of the series, putting up a combined scoreline of 17-3-11 and dealing the most damage on his team in each game. [hkes_show_google_ad]

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