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CSGO: mOE out of Echo Fox Mohamad “mOE” Assad has just announced that he will be stepping down from the active lineup of EchoFox. The popular North American player announced his decision via Twitter a few hours ago. Mohamad “mOE” Assad went on to stream later on in the day and cited lack of dedication to play at the most competitive level as the reason for his departure. Among a few things mentioned by Assad, he stated changes were inevitable, and planned on earlier, just that Assad wasn’t meant to be the one leaving the roster. Stepping in for him will be Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan who was a free agent up to this point after being released from OpTic a couple of weeks ago. In fact, Assad went on to state that Khan was earlier linked to the roster in place of Armeen “a2z” Toussi. In the end, however, Assad made the executive decision to step down himself. Assad elaborated on the entire change regarding Toussi, saying that the Canadian will now be moved into the role of substitute for the team. He also went over who would be playing in the open fifth slot of the roster in place of Toussi stating that it would be Ryan “ichibaNNN” Colucci who the team found on FPL and Rank S. He clarified that Colucci is a temporary stand-in and that Echo Fox are now holding tryouts for the position. The team’s former AWPer will now take a more pronounced role in the management of Echo Fox as he is also the co-owner of the team. He also went on to state he will remain closely tied to the CS:GO team as he is responsible for CS:GO operations within Echo Fox. Echo Fox now have the following roster:
Sean “seang@res” Gares Daniel “roca” Gustaferri Ronnie “ryx” Bylicki Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan Ryan “ichibaNNN” Colucci (stand-in) Armeen “a2z” Toussi (substitute)

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