NaVi defeat Astralis 2-1 in the Counter Pit Finals

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CSGO: NaVi defeats Astralis 2-1 NaVi defeated Astralis in the Grand Finals of the Counter Pit League, winning 2-1 in a BO3. In the first map of the series it was the typical Na`Vi show on Train. They were ahead 9-6 in the first half and didn’t let go of their momentum in the second, closing the series 16-9. Astralis turned things around completely on Inferno, taking a monstrous 12-3 half, but Na`Vi nearly ran away with the second. The Ukranians took the second pistol round and eight more rounds, trading two, but Astralis found the two rounds they needed to secure the map. On the last map, NaVi sweeped Astralis easily, winning 16-5.

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