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CSGO: NaVi withdraw from ECS Navi Natus Vincere have announced that they have withdrawn from the Esports Championship Series (ECS) In a statement, Na`Vi cite “an overly busy schedule and tiredness” as the reasons to pull out of the $3.5 million league, in which they were the only team without any game played. Last week, Na`Vi announced that they would skip the CEVO Gfinity Season 9 Finals, to which they had been invited, in order to prepare for other tournaments and to give Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács more time to recover from his hand injury. With the team failing to qualify for the ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals after finishing the online stage in fifth place, their next offline events will be the SL i-League Invitational #1 and ELEAGUE.
“It’s a shame that we have to miss such big LANs as DreamHack Austin 2016 and a debut season of ECS,” Na`Vi coach Sergei “starix” Ishchuk said in a statement. “However, the tiredness after many long-haul flights and immensely intense matches has been putting the pressure onto me, as well, although I am not a player. “I hope that this pause will help us restore our energy and continue delighting fans with our great results in 2016.”
Na`Vi were last seen in action at DreamHack Masters Malmö, where they finished in second place following a 0-2 defeat against Ninjas in Pyjamas in the final. ECS co-organisers FACEIT and Twitch have yet to comment on this matter. In ECS, which will pay out $3.5 million over the first two seasons, competing teams are offered co-ownership, which means that they get seats on the league’s governing committee and a share of the revenue generated by the tournament.

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