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NRG eSports have parted ways with the general manager of their League of Legends team, Chad “History Teacher” Smeltz, as well as two of their LoL analysts, Alec “Qwerm” Warren and Naser “Empyre” Al-Naqi, the organization announced Thursday. To take up some of their management and coaching duties, the team have acquired Barry “KoreanEdelweiss” Lee and former Team EnVyUs coach David “Hermes” Tu. The organization’s announcement came in the form of a thank you letter written by co-owner Gerard “Atlas” Kelly, talking about what each of the three departing individuals brought to the team. “[History Teacher] has had to fight with Riot for us, protect the players from a myriad range of distractions and deal with 50 people asking for requests on a daily basis,” Atlas said. “He didn’t necessarily sign up for the job he ended up doing and it wasn’t something he had experience doing. Despite that, he dug his feet in, worked on every stressful task given to him and kept a smile on his face most of the time while doing it.” Qwerm, meanwhile, “was always the guy who would do anything for the team regardless of his job description,” he said. “We’ve done a hundred midnight runs to Wal-Mart or Vons for everything from a personal heater because GBM must keep his room at 103 degrees, to medicating Moon because he had never picked up medicine by himself.” As for NRG’s acquisitions, Atlas wrote that KoreanEdelweiss has helped with “a lot of things in the past” and is being brought on board full-time as the team’s manager. Hermes is the former coach of Team EnVyUs and has been with that team since they were still under the Renegades brand. It’s not yet clear where the former NRG staff members will be going, but History Teacher has posted a series of Tweets saying that he’s positive about the future and speaking highly of Empyre.   [Source: TheScore]

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