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OpTic have come out victorious at MLG Regional Minor Championship Americas after a very narrow 2-1 series against Tempo Storm (Dust2 13-16, Train 16-13, Nuke 16-12). After Tempo Storm managed to secure their spot in the grand final following a solid victory over TSM, it was time for the final itself between the Brazilians and OpTic, who had already met in the upper bracket final. Óscar “mixwell” Cañellas kicked off Dust2 with a flashy all-headshot triple in the pistol round for their first two rounds as CT. Joao “felps” Vasconcellos‘s and Ricardo “boltz” Prass‘s doubles gave Tempo the third round, but once their economy was broken in the following round, OpTic took full advantage of the situation. After a couple of anti-ecos, Keith “NAF-FLY” Markovic won a 1v2, while Damian “daps” Steele‘s quad with an AWP put OpTic up to 7-1. From there on out, however, it was a Tempo Storm show entirely. All seven remaining rounds in the half went their way, mostly in a comfortable manner with an exception in one round, where it came down to a 2v2 afterplant situation. Gustavo “SHOOWTiME” Gonçalves made sure the streak would stay alive with a quad-kill in the second pistol, which was followed by a few close anti-ecos for 10-7 in Tempo Storm‘s favor. Lucas “lucas” Teles‘s triple extended the streak to 12 rounds in a row, but it was eventually stopped then and there, while OpTic started a streak of their own. Two of the next four rounds were ecos from Tempo, allowing them to buy up. Three kills from Prass and another comfortable round went his team’s way, and only Cañellas‘s 1v1 clutch was standing in the way of their victory on map one at 16-13. As map two Train was picked by OpTic, who also got to a flying 4-0 start, mainly thanks to Will “RUSH” Wierzba who had a double entry in the pistol and a 1v3 in the following round. Two saved guns helped Tempo Storm secure round number five, and another clutch by Henrique “hen1” Teles pushed them to 4-5 as they picked up a few comfortable rounds afterwards. The famed sniper also got four kills in the next round, but it was still not enough as he didn’t have time to defuse. However, Tempo Storm didn’t budge afterwards and went on to pick up three in a row before OpTic closed out the half with two rounds with Wierzba picking up a quad-kill along the way. The Canadian-American squad picked up the second pistol as well, but the score was even at 9-9 soon afterwards as three players from OpTic had to save weapons. A clean round forced Tempo on a double eco for 12-9, but Gonçalves had different ideas in mind as he helped his team get back to a one-round deficit. Their economical situation was still in shambles due to close rounds, and they had to go on another eco once Cañellas won a 1v1 for an eventual 14-11. Teles managed to delay with a triple and a 1v2, but it was OpTic to pick up map two and force it to Nuke – yes, that’s right – at 16-13 once again. Nuke started with a go-to strategy on the Terrorist-side pistol, as OpTic opted to go with an A split from ramp to heaven and came out on top for a 3-0 lead. Tempo Storm quickly took over, however, as they performed multiple retakes on both sides with Teles and Vasconcellos finding triples on their way to a 7-3 scoreline. OpTic didn’t budge to the pressure being put on them, as they took four rounds out of the remaining five to get seven rounds on the Terrorist side before switching over. The momentum swung Tempo’s way again as they used a plant on top of the B bombsite silo to win the pistol and survive the following forcebuy from their opponents. OpTic ended up winning an eco after trying yet another forcebuy, and soon afterwards Steele and Markovic won a 2v4 in a matter of a few seconds to tie it up at 11-11. As Wierzba single-handedly retook the A site with a triple in a 2v3, OpTic went on to reach 14 rounds and soon closed out the series at 16-12 after a desperate double-AWP attempt from Tempo.

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