Origen signs new general manager

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Origen announced Thursday the addition of Isidro “Nafai” Tellez as the organization’s new general manager. Few details are known about Tellez or his League of Legends background, but he he joins the team at an interesting time. Origen was relegated from the European League of Legends Championship Series in March and is set to compete in the summer split of the Challenger Series. After forming in December 2014, founded by Enruqie “xPeke” Cedeno, Origen rose to prominence by qualifying for the Challenger Series in the spring 2015 split, reaching the LCS in the summer split and qualifying for worlds. With the rise came an almost meteoric fall, though. After finishing second in last year’s spring split of the LCS, Origen finished ninth in the summer split and hung on to its spot in the LCS through the promotional tournament. But Origen was not as lucky this spring, as relegation brought an end to its wild two-year ride in the LCS. Since being relegated, speculation has swirled regarding Origen’s future as a team and whether the team might leave League of Legends. Origen released all its players, and only three players are listed in Riot Games’ contract database: You “NaeHyun” Nae-hyun, Ireneusz “Iluzjonist” Opalinski and Titus “LeDuck” Hafner. The start date for the summer split has not been announced. Origen does not have teams in any other esports, so the hiring of a new general manager makes it seem as if the organization will continue in League of Legends. To further the odd nature of the last few months, The Red Bulls, a Red Bull backed team, qualified for the European Challenger Series, which creates a conflict of interest with xPeke, a Red Bull sponsored athlete. Riot Games said before the qualifiers that if the Red Bulls reached the Challenger Series, Red Bull would have to devolve “any conflicts,” which likely means ending its sponsorship of xPeke. The Shot Caller reported last week Origen had sold its Challenger Series slot to Hertha BSC, a German soccer club. Hertha BSC denied the report, which The Shot Caller later recanted.

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