PEA suspends CS:GO league due to player vote, EPL revenue sharing

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[hkes_show_google_ad] The Professional eSports Association has decided to suspend its plans to operate a CS:GO league later this year, following a player vote that saw the teams choose to participate in the ESL Pro League instead of the PEA. Earlier this week, the PEA owners put the decision to play in a PEA-operated league or the EPL to a player vote. According to Scott “SirScoots” Smith, many of the players decided to vote to play in the EPL as they were concerned about the long-term growth of the PEA and wanted to be more connected to the community. SirScoots said that at least six teams’ players voted unanimously to play in the EPL, though he is unaware of how compLexity Gaming’s players voted. “Since the time of the original announcement of the PEA CS:GO league, it has become clear to the PEA organizations that there isn’t sufficient financial support in the ecosystem,” a PEA spokesperson wrote in a statement sent to theScore esports. “Either from broadcast/streaming partners, sponsors or others, to profitably operate a third prominent online league, due to the oversaturation of the marketplace and the recent upward spiral in operating costs.” In September, the PEA formed and announced their intention to run a 10-week, $500,000 CS:GO league, with a total of $1 million across its first year of play. The teams involved are Team Liquid, Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals, NRG Esports, Team SoloMid and compLexity Gaming. These seven North American organizations stated that their goal was to become the “NBA of esports.” At the time, C9 CEO Jack Etienne stated that the PEA would be an “end to the ‘Wild West’ days of esports” as it would give stability and proper revenue sharing to players and teams who participated in the league. Since then, however, the CS:GO scene has changed significantly. In their statement, the PEA cites the fact that the World Esports Association has increased payouts for the EPL and is now offering revenue sharing. According to the statement, WESA is offering a total of 10 percent of EPL’s gross revenue to non-WESA teams, half of which was offered to the PEA teams under the condition that they agree not to run a PEA league for two years and instead commit to the EPL for two years. “We tried to put together a CS:GO league structure which was innovative and would allow players to help shape operations and execution,” the PEA stated. “This wasn’t our time and we’re looking forward to the future.” [hkes_show_google_ad]

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