Phoenix1 acquires Xpecial

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After 2 rough weeks into the North American LCS, Phoenix1 hopes to improve things by bringing in a new support player, Alex ‘Xpecial’ Chu. Phoenix1 announced Friday it had acquired Xpecial to play this weekend in the North American LCS. The post specifies the “veteran experience” as a huge boost for the team and thanked the fans for their support. “So far this split, we have not lived up to our expectations or goals for this season,” the post reads. “We recognize that something needs to change to turn our season around, so we are very excited to announce Xpecial will be joining our roster beginning this Sunday against CLG. Xpecial brings a wealth of veteran experience that will be a huge benefit to our team.” Xpecial has been part of Team Dignitas and started at support last summer, though he was benched after the signing of Terry “BIG” Chuong. The post from Phoenix1 did not specify if the acquisition was a buyout, trade, or loan, and it’s interesting Xpecial will not play until Sunday, as Phoenix1 plays Dignitas on Saturday.

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