Piglet’s Journey to Glory

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Written By: Breeze     Surely when the name “Piglet” is said, people usually think of the Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. But when this name is said around the League of Legends community surely people’s initial thought would be the Piglet from Team Liquid, former Season 3 World Champion Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin.   This former AD-Carry of SK Telecom T1 K has been a bright talent back at his younger days as a solo Q player, despite the fact that his parents were strongly against his career as a gamer, he still practiced League of Legends in secret. Eventually being recognized by the right people he was signed by SKTelecom #2 which today is known as SKT K. Together he was in a team with Faker, Bengi, Impact and PoomanDu, that year they qualified for the World Championship and went straight to the finals and beat Royal Club with a 3-0. During game one and two, Piglet showed a dominant performance with his Corki and Ezreal. I personally thought that year was an impressive performance coming out by the SKT squad, besides everyone hyping about Faker, everyone else on the team including that “Hundred Acre Lane” has contributed to that years World Championship.   On October 2014, a shocking news came to the scene. It was announced that Piglet was going to join Team Curse (4th place that season). To the fans and everyone else it was a pretty big deal. A former World Champion coming to North America? Well of course there are some positive views but also negative views on this issue. There were even people doubting whether or not this would be a good tradeoff. At first these doubts seem to be pretty real but eventually Team Liquid (Back then was Curse) broke the curse of ending up at fourth place and finished third. Even better they finished as first place in the Summer regular season. But this wasn’t all for Team Liquid, they wanted to go to Worlds and compete and challenge themselves on the World Stage, but this dream was broken by Cloud9 who climbed from the depth of the NA LCS all the way with a cinderella run finishing off as third place. After winning Worlds in season three, this legendary AD-Carry was benched and released now he has found a new home where he belongs and is accepted and recognized as a world class player. With a new coach (Locodoco) and new support, Piglet has the opportunity to communicate better and do better this season. Known for his micro on Vayne and habit of working really hard and want to win, I would not be surprised if Team Liquid end up as third or even qualifying for Worlds this year. As we can all see Piglet is very determined and want to be back at the stage where he once belonged to. P.S To all those who play Fantasy LCS out there, Piglet is a GREAT investment.

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