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[Esports article] Player: GBM Analysis By: Breeze (HKESPORTS) a3 ‘Ganked By Mom’ Lee Chang-Seok is a pro player who currently plays mid lane for the North American LCS team NRG.   About GBM, in high school he excelled in mathematics and video games, this lead him to want to become a pro video gamer. As a person he does not get angry easily, he is also very competitive and curious about many things. Anyways, moving on to his history. GBM as a player fell into elo hell early in his gaming career. But then he decided to main one champion. Starting a fresh account he decided to pick up Orianna and played her from level one to thirty. Even in ranked games he played Orianna, gaining his LP back to 2100. Widely regarded by many as a world class Orianna. Being his best champion he knows how to play her in and out. He got his name ‘Ganked By Mom’ (GBM) after repeatedly caught by his mom when playing at night. GBM has a long history of staying in various different teams, which includes CJ Entus Frost, Jin Air Green Wings Falcon, Jin Air Green Wings and currently for NRG eSports. GBM, besides Orianna also plays champion like Twisted Fate, Zed, Kogmaw and Ezreal. He likes to pick champions that barely have counters, are good at diving, and utility. On his first debut in the NA LCS GBM stole baron twice against Team Dignitas with his Victor laser, the second time he even ghosted for it. a3  

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