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Written By: Breeze tsm-bjergsen-2015 Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg is a pro player who currently plays mid lane for the North American LCS team TSM. Since joining TSM in 2013 the team has won several NA LCS split titles and has qualified for the League of Legends Worlds Championship every year.   Firstly let us throw in some history about this prodigy who eventually made it all the way into the best mid laner in North America! Bjergsen is a Danish League of Legends player. When Bjerg was little he was often bullied by his peer in school, even by his teachers. Back then the only thing he could’ve done to escape reality was to play video games. He was bullied all the way until he was in 8th grade, but then once he had a chance to transfer to another school which he took the opportunity, in which he hopes for a better environment, but sadly the bullying continued which led to him eventually quitting school. This was the time of his life were he felt really difficult about everything but it was also when his League of Legend Career eventually started. During this time he had a fairly high elo on the ladder recognized as a talent by many, he eventually started to join many small teams and tournaments to win money. He eventually joined the Copenhagen Wolves which is where his career started. He showed great performance in the EU LCS team NiP then later crossed the Atlantic and moved all the way to join TSM which is where he still stands today.   As a former superstar of EU LCS team Copenhagen Wolves, Bjergsens has brought many NA mid laners down to their knees with his deadly mechanics and an extensive pool of champions he can play in the competitive scene. This player has risen to the top of North American mid laner hierarchy over the years. Know being a primary shot caller and team captain for TSM. Bjergsen’s favorite champions include Zed, Syndra, Twisted Fate, he has a nickname known by the community as western Faker for his deep champion pool and mastery on Zed. With a new TSM super lineup this season, it would be interesting for us to see if Bjergsen can develop a special quality of working with other top tier players like Doublelift and YellowStar.

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