Renegades and Immortals survive

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The two first teams have been eliminated from the ESL One Cologne 2016 Major Qualifier. FLG and Empire were taken out by Renegades and Immortals, respectively, the former fell 11 – 16 on Mirage while the latter lost 7 – 16 on Cobblestone. Renegades were against the ropes coming into this match, as the Australian team have been going through some trouble, particularly noticeable with the on-the-fly leadership changes going on. That didn’t stop them from winning the first round on Mirage, though, as Yaman “yam” Ergenekon came in big with three USP headshots to keep the Fluffy Gangsters at bay. Despite dropping a round to a force buy, Renegades were quickly able to establish a hefty lead, not allowing Anatoliy “liTTle” Yashin to make plays with the AWP on mid in the early game—something that has proved crucial to Fluffy Gangsters’s success earlier in the tournament. Renegades started to look very solid on defense as they kept racking up rounds, with Ergenekon keeping mid dominance over Yashin and Fluffy Gangsters looking scant of ideas. An ace by Leonid “chopper” Vishnyakov put the second round on the board for the Russian team, who then followed it up with a third after a timeout, putting Renegades in a dire financial situation. With 9 – 4 on the board Renegades got back on track in big part thanks to a four kill round by Aaron “AZR” Ward, and the Australians were then able to close the half out 11 – 4, setting themselves up for a clear shot at winning the match and keeping their tournament hopes alive. azr’s solid play in the early game eased Renegades into the match Renegades won the terrorist pistol round and the following anti-eco, but Fluffy Gangsters forced up on the third round of the half successfully upsetting Renegades. The team from down under, however, regained composure immediately and shut Fluffy Gangsters down by winning the two following rounds, including a 1 vs. 1 stand-off between Justin “jks” Savage and Vladislav “El Patron” Kopitin which the former resolved by smoking the Russian player off and killing him as a smoke dissipated between stairs and jungle. With Fluffy Gangsters sitting on the edge of the precipice, 15 – 5, a final attempt at putting up a wall came from the CIS side, who were able to stop Renegades’s pushes four rounds in a row before the Aussies decided to take their technical timeout. Fluffy Gangsters were able to make a game of it for two more rounds before Renegades closed the map out eliminating the CIS team.   [Source: hltv]

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