Riot Games provides sneak peek of SKT’s League of Legends World Championship skins

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Riot Games gave fans a sneak peak at the League of Legends World Championship skins coming soon for SK Telecom T1.

Riot released a video chronicling the process of creating SKT’s championship skins. The video reflected on the heavily criticized skin set for 2015 from both Korean and American communities, and as a result revamped their approach on how to create the skins. The main theme seemed to surround “what the players want to see,” and to that end, Riot invited SKT to a meeting a day after worlds in order to know what they wanted. An interview went underway between the designers and SKT members who — according to the video — had detailed ideas on the theme as well as specifications for spell effects and recall animations. The champions selected were Jhin, Olaf, Nami, Ekko, Zac, and Syndra, and it seems each skin will have its own unique recall animations, spell effects, and particle effects. The skins are subject to further change from what the video has shown, but it seems doubtful the final product will deviate much more from the snapshot revealed in the video.
Riot Games revealed a sneak peek of SKT's League of Legends World Championship skins.

Riot Games revealed a sneak peek of SKT’s League of Legends World Championship skins (Screenshot).

The journey to creating a set of satisfactory skins wasn’t easy, as the video outlined continued difficulties for the team in order to meet the players’ expectations. After the first proof of concept was complete, Riot then sent the images to the members of SKT, as well as to Bae “Bengi” Seong-ung and Lee “Duke” Ho-seong — who have since left for other teams — to receive their approval. The skin team received more feedback from that meeting to further finalize the skins, and it seems like they are close to finishing all six skins, as well as a ward skin that is designed to look like the team’s coach Kim “kkOma” Jung-gyun. The reception of the skins have been mostly positive from the players as can be seen in the video, but SKT’s AD Carry Bae “Bang” Jun-sik went as far to praise Riot on Twitter. “The 2016 championships skins were discussed with the team the day after worlds as Riot invited us to the company,” he wrote. “We discussed the theme and specific details of the skins such as color, shape and atmosphere for about two hours, and I think the players’ input has thoroughly been put into the design. (In other words) it’s very meaningful and you have to buy them. I hope King-God-Riot continues to see success.”

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