Santorin: ‘I am hungry to make it back into the LCS’

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[hkes_show_google_ad] Jungler Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer is gunning for a return to the LCS in the summer, but also hopes to focus on personal growth during the upcoming Challenger split, he said in an interview with Gamurs’ Naitdawgg. Santorin is no stranger to the Western scene. He transitioned to North America from Europe in 2014 to play for Team Coast, then Team SoloMid in 2015. He stayed with TSM for the year before departing alongside retired players Dyrus and Lustboy. Heading to Gold Coin United, Santorin felt prepared to use what he learned on TSM to his advantage. “I feel way more comfortable and confident in myself now when I finally have taken a more important role as a leader.” A series of team flops after leaving TSM led Santorin to take a break from competitive play last August before joining newly formed GCU in December. The roster features North American players Colin “Solo” Earnest and Richard “Rikara” Samuel Oh, and Korean players Kim “FeniX” Jae-hun and Hong “MadLife” Min-gi. They will be led by head coach Choi “Locodoco” Yoon-sub. “My current strengths are experience, leadership and play,” Santorin said. “I’m confident in being the best jungler heading into the Challenger scene and my roles on the team include being the shot-caller and leader. I am confident in winning all mid and late-games against every other challenger team.” He concluded by saying, “I think we have a very good shot at winning the Challenger scene.” Santorin’s ambitions don’t end with becoming a top-tier Challenger team, though. “I think our chances of making the LCS are very high,” he said. “We still have to prove ourselves, and once we’ve done that, we can start discussing our chances of making the LCS.” Santorin did not voice any concerns over the team’s roster, instead focusing on the team aiming for victory in the upcoming Split. “We all want to make it back into the LCS and we’re all putting in 100 percent effort to make sure we get there,” Santorin said. For his part, Santorin is determined to make it back to the LCS. “I am hungry to make it back into the LCS and I will do anything possible to make it happen.” On the Challenger scene, Santorin stayed realistic about the challenges the team will have to face. “I think the two teams that might be dangerous besides us would be Tempo Storm and eUnited. I think Freeze is a very strong player on Tempo Storm and I think he will do very well. For eUnited, they have experienced players as well, like Gilius and Fox, so there’s definitely going to be competition.” Santorin stated he was looking for personal growth and success this season above his goals of returning to the LCS. “I admire a lot of pros for having as good careers as some have had, and I want to grow into being one of those players.” [hkes_show_google_ad]

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