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Recently, KT Rolster defeated previously unbeated Samsung Galaxy 2-1 in Thursday’s League Champions Korea match, Score then shared his opinion on the jungle champions in the current meta in an interview with Inven’s Shim Young-bo, and he said Kindred and Rek’Sai, who recently underwent changes, have plenty of room to grow. “In Rek’Sai’s case, her new ultimate is good, but it’s too easy for the target to avoid it through escapes,” he said. “I can’t feel like she’s been improved in a large way. Kindred has gotten better utility skills, but her damage dealing got too many nerfs, so I think she has been a failed rework so far.” The most contested junglers to this point have been Elise or Zac, with Gragas being the choice of many junglers when those two are removed from the equation. Score said that Gragas “has always been a good champion,” just one that has trouble jungling in the early game. After that point, however, Score says he’s good after that initial hump. The schedule for KT has been quite murderous, with matches on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week. The team has been practicing late into the night, and Score said the games have taken their toll, but he hopes the team can continue to hang tough. “My teammates, coaching staff, and head coach haven’t been able to rest up due to the tight schedule, so I hope they have some time to recover,” he said. “I think it’ll be physically taxing because consecutive games will continue. I hope everyone still gives it their best.”

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