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lyas “Shook” Hatsema will replace Kim “Mightybear” Min-su as the starting jungler for Team Vitality, the organization announced Wednesday.
Shook was the starting jungler for Vitality in the 2016 Spring Split, moving to the substitute position after the team signed Mightybear in May. In a statement, Vitality said that Mightybear coming to the team “was a true gamble, but it was a risk that the players and the organization decided to be worth taking, all together.” “After four weeks of competition however, it must be concluded that the results are not meeting the expectations,” Vitality said. “Even though Mightybear’s individual talent has been proven, as he demonstrated on the european ladder, his adaptation within the collective is trickier. Therefore, after careful consideration, the decision to make a change in the jungle has been taken.” Vitality also said that Mightybear will remain with the team as a sub. In the first four weeks of the Summer Split, Mightybear earned a 2.61 KDA on champions like Elise, Kindred and Gragas. In the Spring Split, Shook secured a 4.71 KDA on champions such as Elise, Lee Sin and Nidalee. He will play his first match of the summer split with Vitality on Thursday, when the team faces off against FC Schalke 04. Vitality currently hold a 1-5-2 record in the summer split, good enough for sixth place.   [Source: hltv]

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