SK Gaming eliminate FaZe from ELEAGUE Major

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SK Gaming have eliminated FaZe Clan from the ELEAGUE Major 2017 as they won their quarterfinal match 2-1 on Saturday. SK will now move on to the semifinals to face first map of the series was on Mirage, which was FaZe’s pick in the map veto and it showed. SK also misplayed during some crucial points in the first half, such as on Round 12 when they retook the wrong bombsite.
As FaZe played out of their minds and SK showed some nerves, it was a swift 16-7 win for the mixed European squad. Despite the rough loss, SK look renewed in the second map, Train, and took a massive 12-3 half. SK were in complete control after winning the second pistol and they closed the map 16-3, which was an even bigger blowout than FaZe’s in the first map. The series came down to Overpass, which looked to be a close one given the strength of both teams on the map, but it was SK who exploded out of the gate. The Brazilians ended the first half with a 10-5 scoreline and rode their momentum to a 16-5 victory. fer was a monster in the series as he averaged a 1.53 HLTV player rating, above coldzera’s 1.30 rating. Meanwhile, none of FaZe’s players averaged a rating above 1.00. [hkes_show_google_ad]

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