SK & Team X disqualified from E League

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SK Gaming and Team X have both been disqualified from ELEAGUE due to roster changes, the tournament’s commissioner Min-Sik Ko has revealed.  The Brazilian team had secured a berth in the quarter-finals after topping Group A while still at Luminosity, whereas the Danish team were due to play in the last-chance bracket after finishing in second place in Group C while representing SK. ELEAGUE has not yet formally commented on this matter, but the tournament’s commissioner, Min-Sik Ko, explained that the Brazilian players’ recent move to SK Gaming and the Danish team’s departure from the German organisation “do not comply” with the league’s rules. The reason for this is that neither SK nor Luminosity can field the roster that they submitted at the start of the season, which means that the league’s spots belong to organisations and not to the competing teams. Brazilians handed heavy blow On May 31, Min-Sik Ko publicly stated that “there were no plans to sanction either team”, but he was merely referring to the contract dispute between SK and Luminosity that had been reported days earlier. SK Gaming captain Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo took to Twitter to express his shock at the decision, which, in his eyes, punishes his team for seeking better conditions. Those sentiments were echoed by Team X member Michael “Friis” Jørgensen, who claims that his team were “ignored” by ELEAGUE officials during the process. Cloud9 have been moved from the last-chance bracket straight to the playoffs as a result of this decision, with Renegades and Gambit Gaming having both earned spots in the last-chance bracket, which now looks as follows:
Renegadesvs. FlipSid3
G2vs. mousesports
FaZevs. CLG
The top two teams from the last-chance qualifier, which will run from July 12-15, will secure spots in the single-elimination playoffs, joining the following six teams:
NiP Astralis fnatic
Natus Vincere EnVyUs Cloud9

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