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Interview courtesy of InvenGlobal The beloved coach of ‘SKT T1’, ‘Kkoma’, showed an expression of gratitude towards ‘Riot Games’ for the creation of his ward skin.
▲ The “Brain” behind the SKT T1 lineup
Riot Games recently released information regarding the new skins, which are set to be awarded to the world champions, SKT T1. The skin are designed based on the input that the actual players themselves gave; and they garnered much attention from the fans due to their high quality. However, this time around, there is something unique with the new set of skins. One of them was actually designed for the coach of the team, Kkoma, in the form of a ward skin. Not only does this skin share Kkoma’s physical appearance, it also mimics the gestures that we often see him do when he is giving feedback to his players.
▲ C…Coach Kkoma, is that you?
Through a phone call with Inven, Kkoma confessed his happiness. “I know the development of this skin wasn’t initially a plan that Riot had. I mentioned that I wanted a skin last year, and they actually delivered on it.” Kkoma was very thankful towards Riot Games and those who partook in the creation of the skin. He was especially happy for the fact that the development of the skin started due to his request, since the ward skin wasn’t initially part of the plan. Originally, coach Kkoma wanted a Teemo skin under his name. Through the phone call however, Kkoma revealed that he didn’t necessarily long for a Teemo skin. “It honestly doesn’t matter in what form it’s released. At first, I just said what was on my mind, which was Teemo, but I just wanted to leave behind my legacy within ‘League of Legends’.” He continued, stating “I am immensely grateful that a ward skin was created in my name.” He also mentioned that he was extremely happy about the death animation of the ward. He commented, “Personally, I really enjoy seeing the smiles and laughter of others. I know I laughed when I saw the animation. So I felt as if I was on top of the world when I pictured others sharing laughter as they use my skin.”
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▲ A quick glimpse of the skin’s animation.

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