SK Telecom T1 defeat Counter Logic Gaming 3-0, win the Mid-Season Invitational

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SK Telecom T1 are the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational champions following a devastating 3-0 sweep over Counter Logic Gaming.   SKT started Game 1 with a bang, taking multiple kills before the five-minute mark. CLG pushed back valiantly, but the early losses were too much to come back from as SKT T1 dominated them with an incredibly powerful late-game combo in the form of Azir and Ezreal. Both teams elected to run back the previous round with the exact same team comps for Game 2, which went better for CLG early on, but mid-game mistakes and both Darshan and Aphromoo getting caught out ahead of teamfights led to another victory for the world champions. Game 3 went much like the first, with early aggression from SKT snowballing into complete map control by 25 minutes. A Triple Kill from Duke’s Poppy sealed the deal and gave SKT all the resources and time they needed to finish things off. Just a few minutes later, SKT was knocking on CLG’s Nexus and took the last game of the sweep.
CLG are the first North American team to ever make the finals of an international, Riot-sponsored tournament. This is yet another championship title for SKT, who took first in the LCK Spring Playoffs, the 2015 World Championship and both the 2015 LCK Summer and Spring Playoffs.

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