SKT Head Coach cCarter: “I don’t think Huni and Peanut are in a bad shape…I believe in them.”

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OGN Interview with SKT’s coach from Invenglobal SKT Head Coach cCarter believes that all SKT players are in a good shape. On June 26th, SK Telecom T1 defeated KT Rolster 2-1 in second match of 2017 LCK Summer Split Day 21 for their 8th win of the season. Byunghoon “cCarter” Choi was interviewed on air by OGN after the match. The interview started with cCarter expressing how difficult the match was. “It was difficult. We’ve made too many mistakes, and we were too soft to [KT’s] early game macro plays. We still somehow managed to turn the game around though.” The first game of the match was very one-sided against SKT, so cCarter gave feedback to the players after the game. “We’ve made a mistake with the early macro plays, and our composition should have aimed for late-game splitpush which didn’t work out. We couldn’t catch up because KT did not make any mistakes. I made sure to give players feedback about the match. Although Faker did well with Corki in Game 3, he was not sure if mid Corki will stay viable throughout this patch. “I’m still not sure [about mid Corki] – we need to have more data. We’ll need to think more about his macro play viability too. We will get used to the new patch soon enough because we are professionals, but I don’t think we are used to it yet.” As for Wangho “Peanut” Han and Seunghoon “Huni” Heo being subbed out after Game 1, cCarter assured that they are not in a bad shape by any means. “[Peanut and Huni] prepared a lot for today’s match, but they’ve become a bit more timid recently. Although they couldn’t do well in today’s match, I still believe in them because they do well in scrims. I believe in Blank and Untara just as well. I don’t think any player in my team is in a bad shape. They might be mentally shaken a bit, but I’m not too worried because I believe in them. The interview was concluded as cCarter assured the fans that they’ll continue to persevere. “If we gave up in the second game, we could have gone down to fourth place. However, the players didn’t give up. It wasn’t easy in the beginning [of the split], but we still managed to win every match after our first defeat, so please believe in us.”

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