SKT T1 Bang: “Although I am a pro player like Faker, I’m still surprised by how much he practices”

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Interview taken from Invenglobal 1On June 26th, SK Telecom T1 defeated KT Rolster 2-1 in second match of 2017 LCK Summer Split Day 21 for their 8th win of the season. ‎Junsik “Bang” Bae and Sanghyuk “Faker” Lee had a featured interview on air by SpoTV as the MVP of Game 2 (and later Game 3) after the match. Although the match against KT Rolster was the hardest one, Bang said that it was well enough fun. “It was interesting. Even I was in the match, but still interesting. I am satisfied with the first round of this summer split. I think I could start the second round with a good feeling.” Bang also revealed the reason how SK Telecom T1 could sweep the second game from KT Rolster. “In the last teamfight in front of the Baron spawn, KT Rolsters’ positioning was not good. They tried to get Baron Nashor in a hurry, so we could be better positioned.” In contrast, Faker said that he was nervous. “I was pretty nervous because of this match’s importance. And I feel much more happy now even though the match was quite hard.” Faker and Bang also mentioned on the third match against KT Rolster which was the most close game for SKT T1. Bang said “Even though we had a hard time early in the game, Faker had control over the mid lane. He earned time for Untara, and we could control the game through splitpush.” Faker said “Our composition was better in the late game. Even we gave away two kills to them, I still thought that we could win. Actually, we could catch up to KT Rolster earlier than expected because I solokilled Rumble at bot lane.” As for the last question, Bang and Faker made a compliment for each other by the interviewer’s request. Bang said: “Faker practices a lot. Although I am a pro player like Faker, I’m still surprised by how much he practices.” Then, Faker followed up: “Bang is hardly late. I’m late pretty often, so I want to take that after him.”

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