Smeb: ‘As long as we get to late game, we win the teamfights no matter what’

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[hkes_show_google_ad] Having won back-to-back MVP awards in the LCK last year, Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho headed into this season looking to maintain his strong individual results on his new team, KT Rolster. With KT are currently vying for first place with SK Telecom T1, Smeb has been living up to the hype without caving under pressure. “I don’t feel the burden at all,” said Smeb in his interview with Daily eSports, translated by Akshon Esports. “Even if we are pushed down in rankings, it’s okay. From my experience, holding the #1 rank in the regular season isn’t all that impactful, even though it’s important.” While individual results are important, the team’s cohesion and compositions are equally important. Smeb expressed his belief in KT’s late game and where he feels the focus needs to lay. “We played with the mindset that as long as we get to late game, we win the team fights no matter what,” he said about KT’s match against Longzhu. “When I’m playing, I’m more concerned with our team’s progress and growth.” One thing that has been consistent across his time in the LCK is Smeb’s confidence. While his MVP titles are well-deserved, he hopes attention will be drawn elsewhere on KT. “I think I’ll be leading KT’s MVP votes late in the season,” he said, “But right now, I’m not playing with that in mind. I wish the younger players on our team receive a lot of the votes this season.” With three games on Maokai and one on Nautilus, Smeb has netted an average 1.75/1.75/7 KDA as a tanky top laner. In KT’s other two games Smeb was able to shine as a carry, with a zero-death Jayce game and a Fiora game with over 400 cs. He has yet to get the opportunity to play the highly controversial Camille, whom he also believes is imbalanced. “Camille is a very strong late game champion, which makes me believe that her early game should be weaker,” Smeb stated. “I think her abilities require too little mana in the early game, so if you make them more costly, she wouldn’t be OP.” Despite his criticisms of Camille’s strength and scaling, Smeb feels confident he can take her on and come out on top. “I’m very confident that my Fiora can handle a Camille,” Smeb boasted, “and I have some intentions of showing it in a future match.” [hkes_show_google_ad]

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