Spirit: “When MaRin dies, we just pretend to not notice.”

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Jang “MaRin” Gyeong-hwan, the most respected player on the Afreeca Freecs, apparently has scary amounts of influence over his teammates. The Freecs played MVP in Wednesday’s League Champions Korea match, a match that came with some hiccups in Game 2. Marin, the top laner, died four times, which came with some questions. Jungler Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon told Daily eSports’ Lee Yun-ji in those instances, the team tries to act as if nothing happened. “When MaRin dies, we just pretend to not notice,” he said. “We didn’t say much, only that it’s going to be OK and to take it a bit slow. We usually don’t really talk about it. On the flip side, when MaRin gets a solo kill, we all react like ‘Oh my God!’” Game 1 was one-sided affair for Afreeca, Game 2 was decidedly more in MVP’s favor as Afreeca handed over the lead to MVP with shaky early game play. Spirit said it’s a trend for Afreeca where they “lose focus during Game 2s,” leading to a number of communication issues. Game 1, on the other hand, usually has “crisp communication,” which explains their gap in play. An observable change in the team is also in how it switched from a top-focused to a bottom-focused team, as the bottom lane has stepped up in a significant way. Spirit wasted no time praising his bot lane. “Unlike the spring split, we became a team with a weak top side but a strong bottom side,” he said. “It’s a natural outcome because the bottom lane practices the hardest. They work hard by cutting into their eating time. I am also getting motivated seeing them work hard, and it creates a positive synergy effect in the team. When we practice, our bot lane wins more often than not. We play with faith in one another.”

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