SpoTV apologizes for massive delay

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Broadcaster SpoTV has issued an official apology for a 90-minute delay ahead of KT Rolster’s series against Jin Air Green Wings on June 28. The last game of the best-of-three series ended at 1:08 a.m. local time, after a five and a half hour broadcast. Details of the cause of the delay are unknown. “We respectfully apologize for bringing great discomfort to the LoL fans and viewer community,” the company wrote in its statement. It promised to refund tickets to all audience members who attended the event. Though delays are common at esports events, the delay in SpoTV’s broadcast is particularly significant because this is the first season that the LCK’s broadcast rights have been split between two companies, SpoTV and OnGameNet. In December, Riot Games Korea issued a statement about the new system, claiming it would provide more definite start times, a better schedule and healthy competition between broadcasters. In that same statement, Riot Korea addressed community concerns over SpoTV’s broadcast quality, stating that their experience in sports broadcasting showed room for growth.

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