SSG Ambition: “I was surprised at how FoFo held out against Crown”

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Interview taken from InvenGlobal SSG Ambition was surprised at how J Team held out against them. On July 6th (HKT), LCK’s Samsung Galaxy defeated LMS’s J Team in the first match of the first day in the Rift Rivals Red Rift. Chanyong “Ambition” Kang was chosen as the MVP of the game and was interviewed on air after the match. Ambition started the interview by sharing how the game surprised him. “We wanted to take it easy but the game didn’t go as planned. I’m glad we still won.” While SSG managed to get hold of the game through macro plays, the early game wasn’t easy, and Ambition agreed to that sentiment. “The early game wasn’t easy because J Team was not far too behind in vision control and laning, and we got caught too many times by their decisive moves. It wasn’t easy.” Sungjin “CuVee” Lee especially have been JT’s target throughout the game, and that made the game more difficult for SSG. “They were gunning for the top lane from the start. The game went bad as we got caught by unexpected ganks. However, I wasn’t too worried too much because our botlane duo was doing well. It became more difficult when we lost a few teamfights though.” That wasn’t the end of surprise for SSG, as Ambition felt that JT’s midlaner, Chieh “FoFo” Li, was stronger than he imagined. “I was surprised at how FoFo held out against Minho “Crown” Lee. JT should not be underestimated.” Ambition promised to do better in the next match against EDward GAming. “We will show a better performance against EDG than our first match, and make sure that we defeat them.” Ambition ended the interview as he expressed regret over having no chance to eat local delicacies. “I wanted to try out dim sum – xiaolongbao – when I came here, but I’m disappointed that I haven’t had a chance to eat them yet.”

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