Stixxay on his sophomore season and keeping CLG together

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[hkes_show_google_ad] In the offseason following the 2016 World Championships, Counter Logic Gaming were the only NA team that kept their roster static ahead of the 2017 NA LCS spring split. The team’s AD carry, Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes spoke about why CLG decided to keep everyone together and the benefits it brings in an interview with Yahoo Esports’ Travis Gafford. “I think we just kind of value having everyone together,” Stixxay said. “We’re all really good friends and we all really like playing with each other. Obviously there’s no reason to change that. We know everyone’s capability. People under perform sometimes, but we know what they’re capable of and how to bring them back from there. So we just have to work to get them back to where they are.” CLG opened the split with a 1-1 record, losing to Team Liquid in their first match before defeating Team EnVyUs in their second. Stixxay admitted that their games on stage were not as good as in practice, though added that with time, CLG will reach a point where they will be able to show off their skills on stage. “Obviously you have to be good at the game to still win,” Stixxay said. “But I feel like all of us have a really good map sense, especially when we’re on point. I feel like all of us know exactly what each other wants to do. So once we all reach that point again, it’s going to be a lot easier. We’re doing so many different things at once cause we just started playing again together. And honestly our games on stage were a lot less clean than our practice has been, but hopefully we’ll be able to show it onstage as well.” Stixxay made his LCS debut with CLG in the 2016 spring split, where he helped the team secure first place in the spring playoffs. Now entering his second year, Stixxay hopes to prove that he is unquestionably the best AD carry in NA. “I just want to solidify myself as the best in my role in North America,” Stixxay said. “I think people thought that until Piglet and Arrow came and, for some reason, people think that they are better than me. But I feel like I’m still better than them and can be better than both of them, so I just want to solidify that.” [hkes_show_google_ad]

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