Team Impulse requalify for NA LCS

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LoL: Team Impulse requalifies for NA LCS team_impulse_wallpaper_logo___league_of_legends_by_aynoe-d8g84jk Team Impulse have secured their place in the NA LCS Summer Split after defeating Apex Gaming 3-1 at the Summer Promotion tournament. Game 1 saw TiP methodically tear down Apex through well-organized fights, forcing their opponents to react to them and refusing to give any ground. Top laner Wang “Feng” Xiao-Feng’s Ekko and AD carry Brandon “Mash” Phan’s Lucien combined for 4/0/19, and Impulse cleaned up Apex in 36 minutes. The second game was even more of a stomp for TiP. The entire team combined suffered only two deaths in the 30-minute game. From start to finish, TiP exhibited great teamwork that allowed them to easily move between objectives and force Apex to fight on bad terms. Game 3 was much closer game than the previous two, with Apex and TiP trading blows throughout the first 30 minutes. The trades started to go Apex’s way, however, and it wasn’t long before one great teamfight enabled them to storm TiP’s Nexus and claim their first game of the match. Similar to Game 3, in Game 4 both teams traded in the early game and neither gained an advantage. But a massive teamfight resulted in a clean Ace for TiP, giving them all they needed to close out the game and series. Team Impulse finished the Spring Split in ninth place, with a record of 5-13. Apex will play Team Dragon Knights on April 8 to see who will be the last team to qualify for the Summer Split. [Source: TheScore]

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