Team SoloMid upset Immortals

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LoL: TSM 3-0 IMT cover1 Team SoloMid has upset Immortals in a crushing 3-0 victory in the NA LCS Spring Playoffs on Sunday, setting the stage for their seventh consecutive finals appearance. Both teams started Game 1 poking at each other in search of weaknesses, with IMT earning a slight lead in the early game. A timely IMT pick-off on Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen turned into a 22 minute Baron and delayed Ace, sending TSM scrambling. But TSM recovered, catching IMT off-guard in multiple fights. It became clear that IMT could not deal enough damage to bring down TSM quickly in the late game, and it only took a little bit of pressure to for IMT’s Nexus to be taken down. Building off of their victory, TSM controlled Game 2 from start to finish. TSM’s pressure was intense, with IMT unable to do much of anything against the constant push. IMT would not take any towers or objectives in the nearly 30-minute game, with only five kills to TSM’s 19. Game 3 was a repeat of Game 1, with IMT having a modest gold lead in the early game before TSM started to bounce back after a teamfight in the top lane. Messy teamfights kept the game close until TSM got a five-for-two Ace that transitioned into a Baron. TSM capitalized on IMT’s mistakes to win or draw fight after fight, culminating in a devastating march down mid that closed out the game and the series. TSM will face Counter Logic Gaming in the finals. This will be the second consecutive finals that TSM and CLG will play against each other.   [Source: TheScore]

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