Team Vitality’s Reje to start at ADC against Origen

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Danish AD carry Viktor “Reje” Eriksen is listed as Team Vitality’s starting ADC for their Week 2 series against Origen, according to lolesports. He joined the team four days ago. Park “Police” Hyeong-gi is now listed as a substitute on the roster. Police finished Week 1 with a 6.3 average KDA and a 66 percent kill participation. He played Ezreal and Caitlyn against Splyce and Lucian and Ezeal against Fnatic. Reje previously played with Tricked eSports as their AD carry and was a substitute for Unicorns of Love. Currently, Vitality shares fifth place in the EU LCS with Team ROCCAT, Splyce and H2k-Gaming. Vitality tied both of their best-of-two matches with Fnatic and Splyce in Week 1. They will face Origen and Team ROCCAT in Week 2.   [Source: TheScore]

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