Tempo Storm beat Virtus.pro to recah the Finals

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CSGO: TempoStorm defeat VP Tempo Storm come out on top of the best-of-five marathon versus Virtus.pro 3-2 (Dust2 16-9, Train 16-7, Inferno 4-16, Cache 13-16, Mirage 16-11). The first map of the second semi-final of Tempo Storm and Virtus.pro started on Dust2, a map that is usually the Poles’ first ban. As such, it didn’t come as a surprise that the Brazilians took a swift 5-0 lead as CT. On the back of Paweł “byali” Bieliński’s entry kills, VP were able to string a few rounds together for 6-4 before Tempo Storm ran away with the half for 10-5 after several comfortable rounds. The second pistol round went their way as well, as did the following two rounds, and soon Joao “felps” Vasconcellos – who led the way for his team – and company took match point after only dropping one round. It took them a few attempts to close map one out, but they did once Gustavo “SHOOWTiME” Gonçalves clutched a 1v1 for 16-9, 1-0. Virtus.pro chose Train for their first map, but they were once again down 0-5 as Terrorists shortly after the initial pistol round. Doubles from Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski and Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski gave them a round, but Tempo Storm were too strong in retake scenarios in the following two rounds. After two A attacks VP switched things up and decided to execute on B which paid off, but they couldn’t string more together. Towards the end of the half Henrique “hen1” Teles picked up a quick quad-kill with the AWP from connector, while Vasconcellos got a triple on the A bombsite right afterwards, putting their team up at 12-3. The Polish roster got a silver lining in the form of a pistol round, where Filip “NEO” Kubski defused the bomb in a smoke with 1 HP, but once they won the following anti-eco Tempo Storm got back on their feet. Shortly after picking up match point at 15-5 the Brazilian team were up 2-0 in the series after a 16-7 scoreline on Train. TS couldn’t keep up the pace on map three, Inferno, where they were the ones to be down 0-5 that time around, as Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas won VP the pistol round as CT with three P2000 headshots and Kubski got a quad-kill with an mp7 in the first gunround. The Poles kept plowing on through, while Teles’s team were forced on unideal buys. Multiple comfortable rounds kept going the way of the Poles except for a couple of forcebuys from Tempo Storm. After a 13-2 scoreline on the first half the teams kept exchanging rounds one for one, which was naturally better for VP who took a map off Tempo at 16-4. The start to Cache looked better for Tempo, who lost the CT pistol but replied in the following forcebuy. However, two anti-ecos of their own both ended up going down to the wire, which meant that once VP won the first gunround, they were on an eco. VP took full advantage of the situation and took three rounds in a row after Bieliński clutched a 1v2, for 6-3. That was all she wrote for VP in the first half however, Ricardo “boltz” Prass racked up 11 kills over the next six rounds, starting with a double in a forcebuy, while Vasconcellos started showing up as well for his team. Teles then saved a 1v3 attempt from Kubski after a very long 1v1 situation around the A bombsite, making it 12-6 in his team’s favor. Jarząbkowski turned in a quad-kill in the first gunround and Pogorzelski followed it up with one of his own as VP took five rounds in a row. Tempo managed to keep the lead much thanks to Gonçalves’s double on the A bombsite, but VP took two rounds in a row to even it out at 13-13. After that point the second-best Brazilian team looked lost as VP picked up all remaining three rounds with ease to make the series level at 16-13, 2-2. The series came down to Mirage, where Tempo Storm replicated some of the play from the first two maps, getting all the way up to nine rounds in a row, some of which included amazing play from Vasconcellos and Prass on the A bombsite. When VP finally got a round on the board, their economy got reset instantly, and a similar situation occured once more when Kubski got a quad-kill. Due to ecoing a lot of the time VP only got three rounds in total, which rocketed Tempo to a position of clear favourites. A heroic play from Pogorzelski in the second pistol round and the second gunround gave his team a chance to come back, as his team strung six rounds together before their opponents took a timeout. That only resulted into another powerful round from the Poles, but the following forcebuy finally gave them their first round as Terrorists. Another sneaky play by Pogorzelski was completely negated by a forcebuy from Tempo Storm which essentially gave them match point and eventually the grand final at 16-11.     [Source: hltv.org]

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