The Legends Circuit: Week One roundup

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Rigel vs Charmanderbots

Two games closed out quickly in 26 and then 24 minutes. The first game saw some hope for the Charmanderbots after an early first blood was picked up by their Leblanc through a solo kill. Rigel ran a Lulu Lucian team composition that came out ahead in skrimishes. The second game had Rigel pick up Azir in the midlane and Charmanderbots fail to find any meaningful response as an unconventional Olaf jungle pick proved ineffective. Worth watching? Pass on game 1. You can catch game 2 for a 101 on how to give a toplaner the Dyrus treatment.

Vestigial vs Vendetta

Game 1 started with a sloppy laneswap that led into scrappy brawls. Vendetta attempted a teamfighting composition with Galio but fell flat on their faces after multiple execution errors. Game 2 proved to be more interesting, with Vendetta getting an early lead on Azir and then failing to make any headway as a failed dive at top saw the Viktor for VTL turn things around. Worth watching? Pass on game 1, unless you’re looking for a fail compilation, then there’s just tons of material here. Catch game 2 if you have the time, it showcases the intricacies of recovering from laneswap mistakes, and the Viktor vs Azir matchup. But there’s a much better game for that.

Reverse vs Sovereign

Skipping game 1 as Reverse forfeited their first game due to them not being able to field 3/5 of their original roster, game 2 was a back and forth blockbuster worthy of a Micheal Bay movie. From frontline adc dives to insane teamfights where teams throw in even the kitchen sink, an extremely back and forth game was played between SVR and RVS in which RVS eventually came out ahead of. Worth watching? Yes, purely for the entertainment value of and sheer adrenaline you’ll experience from watching the insanity that is this game. If anything, just watch it to see Viktor melt people. Its really satisfying. Probably the highlight of the week of play.

NyZ vs Kimchi

NyZ shows us that they have not deviated from their scaling objective oriented style. Showing us a poor man’s Jin Air, shaving away at their opponents for 30 minutes in a rather clean but dry game, NyZ took game 1. The second game of the series had an interesting take on the meta, opening up Ryze and Ekko to their opponents and then opting for a Jayce + Veigar siege composition. Worth watching? If you enjoy watching the games with single digit kills, you might like game 1. Do catch game 2 for the sheer satisfaction of a fed Jayce hitting the accelerated shock blast. TLC wk 1 results.png

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