The Problems of C9 ; Shot Callers

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By: Breeze [Problem of C9, the shot callers]   C9 (Cloud 9) is a North American team competing in the NA LCS. This team is known for winning two LCS seasons and finishing as top eight during the season three World Championship. Moving on, Cloud 9 apparently has a problem that everyone sees, and that problem is Bunnyfufu making the shot calls. Being new to the competitive scene, Bunnyfufu has far less competitive experience compared to Hai and still has a lot more to learn. Recently we have seen Bunnyfufu’s trundle and how C9 lost to TiP which was a shock apparently to the NA community because theoretically, C9 is a much more solid team compared to TiP and wasn’t even supposed to lose to them. So then here comes the question, exactly what happened? Without Hai, is C9 the worst team in NA LCS? Now who exactly is Hai, C9 Hai is a former Mid laner of C9 who retired due to wrist injury but then later had to come back to the jungler role and brought C9 from the bottom of the rift into a Cinderella run to a spot in Season 5 World Championship, they even won all their games during first week. C9 Hai is regarded as a world class shot caller  and their newly added support C9 Bunnyfufu is the other support/shot caller when Hai isn’t playing. From these two different players we can see different level of aggression and leadership shown during their gameplay. When Bunnyfufu is on it looks like C9 is a different team and with Hai on it’s another team. Now what really makes these two players different really is probably broken down to the very basics of competitive experience and the style of plays these two player shows. It seems like now C9 has benched Bunny and moved Hai back into the main roster. Hai is no stranger to us and as fans and supporters of C9 they can very well expect Hai’s strong presence would bring C9 back alive into the competitive scene after their first few rough games.

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