TI 2016 exceeds $10 Million

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After just 18 days of crowdfunding, The International 2016 prize pool has cracked $10 million from a base total of $1,600,000. Last year, it took fans 31 days to raise more than $10 million, and in 2014 it took 39 days. This is the fastest growth the TI prize pool has ever seen, particularly after a significant jump after another the Collector’s Cache was added to the Battle Pass on June 3. In 2015, the TI prize pool reached $18,429,613 after 100 days of crowdfunding, but this year’s crowdfunding efforts are already off to a stronger start. Day 1 of funding in 2016 saw fans put in $2,604,753, more than half a million dollars more than last year’s Day 1 numbers. The International 2016 main event will run from August 8-11 in Seattle.

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