Top 10 Champions in Korean Solo Q this week


Check out the Champions and best item builds based on Korean Solo Queue!

1= Kogmaw :
60.45% 6,589 Games Popular items: Guinsoo, Hurricane, BotRK, Swiftness Boots

2= Nidalee: 58.00% 8,333 Games Popular items: Runic Echoes , ROA, Ionian Boots, Lichbane

3= Karthus: 57.13% 1,600 Games Popular items: ROA, Sorc Shoes, Zhonya, Deathcap

4= Zed: 55.81% 7,522 Games Popular items: Youmuu, Duskblade, Swiftness boots, MAW

5= Janna: 55.45% 4,635 Games Popular items: Sightstone , FQC, Swiftness boots, Locket

6= Aatrox: 55.36% 289 Games Popular items: BotRK, Ravenous Hydra, Sterrak, Ninja Tabi/Merc Threads

7= Ahri: 55.12% 6,538 Games Popular items: Morello, Abyssal, Ludens, Deathcap

8= Volibear: 54.96% 575 Games Popular items Top lane: Sunfire, Spirit Visage, Deadman’s Plate, Swiftness boots Popular items Jungle: Cinderulk, Swiftness boots, DMP, Spirit visage

9= Nautilus: 54.85% 6,943 Games Popular items Top lane: Sunfire, Swiftness boots , Spirit Visage, Iceborn,Popular items as Support: Face of the Mountain,Sightstone, Swiftness boots, Locket

10= Swain: 54.73% 148 Games Popular items: ROA, Zhonya, Sorc Shoes, Abyssal


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