TSM gives CLG its first defeat of the split

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There are no more undefeated teams remain after the second week of the NA LCS.

Team SoloMid have taken down their previously undefeated rival Counter Logic Gaming in both teams’ fourth series of the 2017 Summer Split.

Game one was all about CLG as their pick composition shut down TSM completely taking a small early lead and turning it into objective after objective.

Game two was the same story but it was in TSM’s favor as they wound up with almost 30 kills in a fairly short game. TSM made their win even cleaner than CLG’s game one and took the win easily.

Game three was about Team SoloMid opting for a split pushing composition. CLG was forcing teamfights, and threatened to end the game in the 37th minute with TSM respawning just in time to save its Nexus by killing three members of CLG, pushing into CLG’s base with a huge wave of super minions to finish the 2-1 series win. TSM will look to bring on momentum from this big win over CLG into week three, when they will be squaring off against Team Liquid on Saturday and Team EnVyUs on Sunday.

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