Tyloo shocks the world with BO3 win to knock out Luminosity

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TyLoo have knocked out MLG Columbus champions Luminosity from DreamHack Masters Malmö with a 2-1 victory in the Decider match (16-14 on Cache, 7-16 on Overpass and 16-12 on Inferno).   Day three of DreamHack Masters Malmö opened with a shocking result as TyLoo, fresh off the back of an overtime victory over Team Liquid, defeated MLG Columbus winners Luminosity in a best-of-three game following impressive displays on Cache and Inferno. Cache began with TyLoo picking up the opening two rounds of the game after denying Luminosity entry into the B bombsite during pistols. A third-round buy from Luminosity paid dividends and powered the Brazilians to string six rounds together – their brightest spell on the map. TyLoo then reduced the deficit to three rounds thanks to some great defensive work from Hui “DD” Wu inside B, but a 1vs2 clutch from Lincoln “fnx” Lau in the following round reset the Chinese team’s economy. Still, TyLoo held strong and picked up several rounds towards the end of the half to bring the scoreline to 6-9. Luminosity grew their held in the second half with a flawless A retake in the pistol round, with Tacio “TACO” Filho getting three kills to his name. After an eco round, TyLoo hit back on a full buy and followed that up with a crazy round from Wu, who won a 1vs3 clutch inside B. The Brazilian team gave up one more round before taking two in a row, making it 14-9 in their favour. After a tactical pause and a triple kill from HaoWen “somebody” Xu, TyLoo went on a fantastic run, winning seven rounds in a row to lock down the map 16-14. The following map was Overpass, and the first half was a complete blowout as Luminosity stormed to a 9-1 lead following some great Terrorist play. TyLoo then finally managed to hold back the Brazilians after calling a timeout, taking a total of four rounds by the end of the half. Now playing on the Terrorist side, TyLoo picked up the opening three rounds of the half, but the landscape of the game changed dramatically in the buy rounds as Luminosity won five straight rounds to equalise the series. It all came down to Inferno, where TyLoo got out to a 4-0 start as Luminosity struggled to keep up with the pace of the Chinese. The following round then went the Brazilians’ way, but TyLoo regained control of the game and continued to rack up rounds. With the score looking more and more lopsided, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo called a timeout in a bid to adjust his team’s defense. Until the end of the half, Luminosity adopted a more aggressive style of play, a bold move but one that paid off as they reduced the gap to just three rounds by the end of the half. Luminosity opened the second half really well, winning five rounds in a row to take the lead for the very first time on the map. Many believed that the Brazilians had one foot in the quarter-finals, but TyLoo went on a massive run, winning seven of the next eight rounds to send the Major champions packing.   [Source:hltv]

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