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In a long farewell post, Snake eSports substitute mid laner Ceng “U” Long announced he has already left Snake, as his contract has expired. In his post, he also stated that he is unsure if he will continue to play professionally. In his Weibo post, U stated that he was afraid of the community’s reaction to his announcement and insisted that he worked extremely hard to try to make a comeback, even on the bench, but felt that his current physical condition made it impossible to practice 15-16 hours a day as he had in the past. “Three years is not a long career,” U said, “I don’t have the kind of perseverance that clearlove has or the talent of Flandre, but I really tried.” U then joked that he can shamelessly say he won more than a dozen titles and, even if it is insincere, he has earned the MSI 2015 championship medal, which he feels very lucky to have. He then thanked all of the managers and coaches who have worked with him, especially Huang “San Shao” Cheng, who approached U three years earlier to join EDward Gaming. To close his statement, U apologized to all of his followers and said he did not know what his future will hold, but for now at least he needs to rest. U was the first starting mid laner of EDward Gaming in 2014. As a rookie new to the League of Legends Pro League, U won the LPL twice that year. In the 2015 LPL Spring Split, U was replaced by Heo “pawN” Wonseok and transferred to Snake eSports for 2015 LPL Summer Split, but he accompanied EDG to the Mid-Season Invitational in Tallahassee, Florida as their substitute. U was again benched from his starting position when Park “TANK” Danwon joined Snake. Earlier this week, U and LGD Gaming mid laner Wei “We1less” Zhen had a conversation about pain in their hands after playing for an extended period of time. During the conversation, U admitted that he had difficulty playing for an extended period of time and had already left the Snake gaming house and returned home.   [Source: TheScore]

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