Unicorns of Love takes the top spot in Group B

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With H2K and Unicorns of Love fighting for the top spot in Group B since the start of the split, the Unicorns reigned supreme with a 2-1 win.

In the first game, H2K looked better in the first game, dominating the early game, pressuring across the map. The Unicorns prioritised farming creeps, which gave H2K a small window of opportunity to get some kills and get a minor lead. As the game progressed, the Unicorns were scattered around, failing to group up, eventually costing them the game. In the second game, H2K opted for a teamfight composition and the Unicorns disrespected that, providing H2k with an early lead. However, the Unicorns persisted with an aggressive playstyle and managed to turn the game around. With H2k not being able to deal with the aggressiveness, they were completely caught out by the Unicorns, giving UOL a free baron and they ended the game. In the final game, H2k again, controlled the early game by UOL’s mistake this time, by being too aggressive, giving H2K easy teamfight wins. With a complete control of the game, H2K was set for the win, however, in the last few minutes of the game, H2K tried to steal baron from the Unicorns, they then got capitalised on, with UOL finishing off the weakened players on H2K, allowing them to get the Baron and the Ace and crack open the base to win the game. The Unicorns of Love’s next match will be against playoff rivals Splyce on June 16, while H2K will be up against relegation strugglers Vitality on June 17.

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