Vasilli, former LMQ AD Carry, joins Newbee Gaming

After some time in the secondary league in China, Li “Vasilli” Weijun will join Newbee Gaming and the League of Legends Pro League.

Newbee announced Friday through its Weibo account that Vasilli has been added to the roster in anticipation of the LPL summer split. The seasoned League of Legends veteran will be one of three AD Carries on the team, along with Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang and Yu “Happy” Rui.

Vasilli has been a professional player since 2012 and used to play for EHOME, but the West will likely be most familiar with his play for LMQ in the North American League Championship Series from 2013 to 2014. He represented North America during the 2014 world championship.

Since then he moved to the LPL’s Vici Gaming, where he didn’t see much play, and then moved to IN Gaming, a secondary league team in China. Vasilli has apparently dealt with anger issues, with instances alleging that he caused damage to computer equipment. He even rage quit during the middle of an LPSL match last summer. He said on multiple occasions that he has received help with his anger management problems.

Newbee made it to the spring split quarterfinals of the LPL by defeating Invictus Gaming in Round 1 but was eliminated by EDward Gaming. Vasilli will also join his former support, Zhang “Mor” Hong-Wei, who has been with Newbee since last May.