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ESEA has announced that have relinquished their spot in the Premier division. The Polish giants were due to play in ESEA Premier, one tier below the ESL Pro League, after a disastrous season that culminated with a 1-2 defeat to PENTA Sports in the relegation match. The decision could have to do with the fact that ESEA Season 22 has no ties to season 4 of the Pro League, which will start later this year. The teams competing in the Premier division will only play for spots at the ESEA Global Challenge Finals. According to ESEA Product Manager Brett Sheffield, will be back for Season 23 to fight for a place in the Pro League, which recently expanded from 12 to 14 teams. Swedish team ggrabb, who were due to be demoted to the Main division, will take’s spot in ESEA Premier, which will feature the following 17 teams:
Orbit ENCE
eSuba CPH Wolves
Oslo Lions CSGO2x
Kalashnikov 47 PLATIN
Orgles5 Arcade

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