WESA responds to PEA open letter, says they are still ‘interested in finding a solution’

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The World Esports Association, which represents a number of European teams and ESL, have responded to an open letter from the Professional eSports Association in North America which told its players they would have to choose between attending ESL Pro League and the PEA league. In their statement, WESA says that PEA’s offer had “boiled down to us terminating the NA division of the ESL Pro League,” which they declined. They also said that the open letter penned by Immortals CEO Noah Whinston and released Friday was “wrong on many accounts” and that they offered to give all teams and players “a significant part of the revenue (not profit) of the league.” Whinston’s letter said that PEA had attempted to negotiate a compromise with WESA wherein PEA would run an NA League and EPL would continue to run an EU league and that the top teams would meet for a cross-Atlantic championship. According to Whinston’s letter, PEA pulled out after WESA offered “a counter proposal that reserved the large majority of revenue for WESA member teams.” WESA said that they still want to find a solution that “benefits teams and players alike” and that they are willing to show the counter-proposal they offered PEA directly to the players.

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