Winterfox release dexter, acquire RaZ

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[hkes_show_google_ad] Winterfox have acquired New Zealand native Razmik “RaZ” Bastadjan.

RaZ will replace Chris “dexter” Nong, making the roster a primarily New Zealand team. However, dexter’s release from the organization was never officially announced.

“The time with Winterfox was great, though it had practices that did not suit the esports environment, it was run by kind and generous people,” dexter said in a statement to theScore esports. “There were many issues within the team that I won’t discuss, but to grow it was imperative that we split ways so that the members could grow in the way they deal with each other.” According to GAMURS’ Max Melit, dexter has already join ed a new team, Tainted Minds. “Being part of the Tainted Minds team has really sparked my motivation in the game again,” dexter said in a statement to theScore esports. “The members consist of dedicated individuals that have a mature and fun mind set to the game which makes playing very enjoyable all the time, even when losing, which is a rare quality to find within all members in the team or any team in fact. “And that quality alone I believe will help propel the team to success if the right learning steps are applied. So now I’m very hopeful about the future and where we as a team can take Tainted Minds.” Winterfox have already played official matches with the new roster for ESL Pro League Season 5 North America against Counter Logic Gaming, but lost 16-14 on Cache and lost 16-5 on Mirage to lose the series. Here’s what Winterfox’s roster looks like:
  • Mike “apoc” Aliferis
  • Chris “emagine” Rowland
  • Chris “ofnu” Hanley
  • Ryan “zewsy” Palmer
  • Razmik “RaZ” Bastadjan

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