Wolf: “We usually make shot calls as a team. When one of us makes a bad call, another steps in to fix whatever mistake was made.”

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Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan says SK Telecom T1 does not use one shot-caller. After SK Telecom T1 defeated Longzhu Gaming 2-1 in Wednesday’s League Champions Korea match, Wolf, SKT’s support, said in a video interview with Inven the calling among the League of Legends champions is team-based. “We usually make shot calls as a team,” he said. “When one of us makes a bad call, another steps in to fix whatever mistake was made. In team fights, the players with crowd control often make the calls. Situations like Varus’ ‘Chain of Corruption,’ or Lulu’s ‘Polymorph’ or Elise’s ‘Cocoon’ would be examples. It was kind of tough in the booth (during Game 3) but I think it went well for us because we knew our composition was solid.” Longzhu certainly tried to throw SKT for a loop with the interesting Cassiopeia top lane pick, but Wolf said the team anticipated it, saying that the team “said to be prepared” for the possibility during the draft phase. Wolf also heaped praise on Longzhu’s three new players, Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan, Kwak “BDD” Bo-seong, and Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, saying that they are playing well with Longzhu’s other veterans. With the brief renewed interest in supports since the Mid-Season Invitational, Wolf also shed some light on his thoughts about the importance of supports in the game, breaking down what kind of significance he thinks his role has. “I personally think supports are very important,” he said. “Since during laning phases supports have CC, and based on how the lane goes, the decision to either roam or create vision is made. All of this is centered around the support, up until about 15 minutes. After that I also think they play a large role in the very late game as well. From 15 to 35 minutes, the dealers are the most important, and they continue to be in the late game, but supports are in charge of catching their dealers’ mistakes or taking advantage of the opponent’s. I think supports take up about 25 percent of the team.” Outside the game, Wolf also said that he was a crucial part in Kim “kkOma” Jung-gyun’s hair cut, giving him some real life advice. “Wolf, people around me are telling me to not cut my hair but what do you think?” Wolf recalled his coach saying. “(And I said) ‘Coach, those who don’t want you to cut it are people who are too old fashioned to accept change. You have to cut your hair.’” “He seems satisfied now. He’s happy that his hair isn’t getting in the way or getting too wet because of sweat, but I think he’s conscious of how the people around view him.”

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